Wire Forming Products.

As mentioned in the opening page, our roots are firmly set in Wire Formed Products and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality available. We have an extremely experienced set of employees who work in our onsite factory, some of which have been with Whitecroft for 30+ years... So if you are in the Powder Coating, Badge Making, Retail Fixtures or Industrial Trade we can promise we have the knowledge and the quality to help you grow your business. Take a look through our Manufacturing Catalogue for all the products we manufacture on site and see if anything suits your business.

Below is a list of Wire Formed Products we currently Manufacture...


Badge Pins

D Badge Pins

Z Back Pins

Safety Pins

Crimp Pins

Bridle Clips

Badge Clips

Angle Pins

Coil Pins

Provision Pins

Ticket Pins

C Hooks

Display Hooks


Industrial Disc

Wing Seals

Wire Loops

Cotter Pins

Seat Cover Hooks

Skirt Clips

T Pins

Carpet Pins


Although the above is our core product range in Wire Formed products, we do offer a great service for manufacturing capabilities:

  • Small pressing to 20 tonne press capacity
  • Extensive use of materials including Mild Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium & Stainless Steel
  • High speed Wire Forming, from 0.60mm to 3.00mm
  • High speed strip forming
  • specialised and specialist metal finishing including White Bronze, Nickel, Brass, Copper and Zinc
  • Extensive assembly, packing and distribution including automatic blister and box packing for both retail presentation and industrial/bulk packs

If any of the above may help you with what you are looking for please contact Sales (sales@whitecroft.co.uk)