Stationery Products.

If you have had time to read through our Stationery Catalogue then you will see that we do a wide range of items from Paper Clips, Fold Back Clips to Rubber Bands and Flag Pins. We can promise that these products are excellent quality and value and are perfect for any customer looking to grow their business, whether its in the Wholesale, Office Supplies or Educational Supplies Trade.

Please see the list below to see the range of Stationery products that we currently supply.

Paper Clips

Drawing Pins

Fold Back Clips

Letter Clips

Spring Clips

Paper Binders & Washers

Paper Fasteners

Treasury Tags

Elastic Treasury Tags

Push Pins

Map Pins

Indicator Pins

Office Pins

Hook Push Pins

Flag Pins

Rubber Bands

Pencil Erasers

Pencil/Pen Erasers

Pencil Sharpeners

Key Fobs

Key Identifiers

Memo Clips


Finger Cones

Safety Pins

Whitecroft Essentials offer these products in easily merchandised packaging from Desk Top Tubs, Tublets to Hang Packs and Boxes. This allows these products to be the perfect Retail Solution for any customer wanting to sell Stationery....



As you can see... Whitecroft Essentials are the one stop shop for Stationery Products and whilst the company is focusing on strong brand identity with the Essentials Brand. Whitecroft also boast a full design service for our customers who need the presence of their own corporate identity & branding... We can also offer the excellent quality and value of our Stationery Products for customers who comfortable with their current brand...

Please contact Andrew Brooks ( for more information.