Knitting Products.

If you have had time to read through our Knitting Catalogue then you will see that we do a wide range of items from Wool Needles and Knitting Pins to Yarn Bobbins and Stitch Markers. Whether your business is in the Wholesale or Retail Trade... or even if you are in Educational Supplies we can strongly say we have the right products at the best value ensure we help grow your business.

Below is a list of Knitting Products we currently supply...

Knitting Pins - 25cm, 30cm & 35cm

Crochet  Hooks

Circular Knitting Pins

Double Pointed/Ended Needles

Bamboo Knitting Pins - 30cm & 35cm

Bamboo Crochet Hooks

Cable Needles

Knitting Guage

Knitters Needles

Knitting Registers

Stitch Holders

Wool Needles

Yarn Bobbins

Cranked Cable Pins

Childrens Knitting Pins

French Knitters

Pom Pom Makers

Point Protectors

Stitch Markers

Childrens Knitting Kits

Whitecroft Essentials offer these products in easily merchandised Plastic Wallets. This allows these products to be the perfect Retail Solution for any customer wanting to sell Knitting Products.... We also have the fantastic Knit Pin Stands for another brilliant Merchandising Solution.


As you can see... Whitecroft Essentials are the one stop shop for Knitting Products and whilst the company is focusing on strong brand identity with the Essentials Brand. Whitecroft also boast a full design service for our customers who need the presence of their own corporate identity & branding... We can also offer the excellent quality and value of our Knitting Products for customers who comfortable with their current brand...


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