Haberdashery Products.

When Whitecroft was founded in 1910, we started as a Safety Pin Manufacturer & Supplier so we pride ourselves on having "the best safety pins in the world". We have kept this pride and tradition through out our Haberdashery Range by having the best quality products available at the best possible value.

If you have had time to read through our Haberdashery Catalogue then you will see that we do a wide range of items from Lace Pins and Eyelets to Snap Fasteners and Thimbles. Whether your business is in its in the Textiles, Sewing, Tailoring or Wholesale Trade... or even if you are in Educational Supplies we can strongly say we have the right products to help grow your business.

Below is a list of Haberdashery Products we currently supply...

Safety Pins

Dressmaker's Pins

Coloured Head Pins

Glass Head Pins

Steel Straight Pins

Lace Pins

Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing Machine Bobbins

Sewing Machine Oil

Hand Sewing Needles

Hooks & Eyes

Overall Buckles

Hooks & Bars

Attaching Pliers & Tools

Snap Tape

Hook & Eye Tape

Snap Fasteners

Cover Buttons




Tapestry Frames

Embroidery Hoops

Hooks & Loop Tape

Bra Extenders

Marking Kits

Seam Rippers

Strap Trap

Denim Patches

Bodkins & Threaders

Needle Threaders

Repair Kits

Tailors Chalk

Metre Sticks

Tracing Wheels

Tracing Paper

Dressmakers Magnets

Sewing Machine Bulbs

Whitecroft Essentials offer these products in easily merchandised packaging from Hang Cards, Carded Blister Packs to Hang Packs and Tubs. This allows these products to be the perfect Retail Solution for any customer wanting to sell Haberdashery Products....


As you can see... Whitecroft Essentials are the one stop shop for Haberdashery Products and whilst the company is focusing on strong brand identity with the Essentials Brand. Whitecroft also boast a full design service for our customers who need the presence of their own corporate identity & branding... We can also offer the excellent quality and value of our Haberdashery Products for customers who comfortable with their current brand...



Please contact Cathy Johnson (cathy.johnson@whitecroft.co.uk)